Core Values

We, at Wenden Bible Church, are committed to these five values to the praise of God's glory and the fame of His name.

  • The Glory of god

    We believe humans were created and designed to live for God's glory alone (1 Cor. 10:31). When Adam and Eve rebelled against God in the garden, bringing sin and death into this world, ushering in original sin, humans began to live for their own glory rather than God's (Rom. 1:22-23; 3:11; 5:12).   God is now at work bringing people back to that original purpose by showing them the glory of God through Jesus Christ's death on the cross and resurrection from the grave (2 Cor. 4:4-6).

  • Teaching

    We believe the Bible, as the Word of God, is the ultimate authority for the life of the Christian, because God is the source of all its content (2 Tim. 3:16; 2 Peter 1:20-21).  It is the primary tool in which God brings people to salvation, transforms people into the likeness of Jesus Christ, and equips them for His service on earth (1 Peter 1:23; 1 Peter 2:2; 2 Tim. 3:16-17).  Therefore, Wenden Bible Church is committed to expository teaching and preaching as the main form of biblical communication to people.  The teaching of God's Word stands at the very center of WBC's mission.

  • Prayer

    Prayer is the human's demonstration of their dependence upon God for everything.  It is the way in which we communicate to the Lord, expressing thankfulness, petitions, and requests (Phil. 4:6). We believe prayer is equally as vital to the life of the church as teaching and a practice the early church was regularly committed to for strength and boldness to live as followers of Christ in a sinful world (Acts 4:24-30, 6:4; 1 Thess. 5:17; 1 Tim. 2:1-3, 8). Prayer is the Christians natural expression to God from a genuine faith in Christ knowing they are an adopted child of God (Rom. 8:15).

  • Family

    We believe God has designed the family as the basic unit in all of life to bring him glory.  At creation God created the family as one husband (male) and one wife (female) (Gen. 2:24-25). Any kind of deviation from this set up is not God's intent for the family and is sin in his sight. As a blessing to parents (one man and one woman committed to each other in marriage), God has given the gift of children (Ps. 128:1-4). We are committed to coming alongside parents to teach and train their children in the way of the Lord.

  • mission

    We believe missions is God's primary way in which He is making himself known to the world for the purpose of glorifying Himself (Ex. 9:16; 2 Sam. 7:23; Is. 63:12, 14; Neh. 9:10; Rom. 10:14-15; Eph. 1:6,12,14, 2 Thess. 1:10).  Missions is always accomplished through the teaching, preaching, and evangelizing of Christ's gospel for the purpose of making disciples (Rom. 10:17; Matt. 28:19). Every believer in Christ is called to be on mission spreading Christ's gospel in some way (Matt. 28:18-20).  Therefore, we are committed to Christ's mission of spreading His name locally, nationally, and worldwide (Matt. 28:19)